Youth is for Exploding
Episode Number 35
Original Airdate 19 October 1990
Previous episode Pizza Delivery of Doom!
Next Episode Bad Bird Uncaged (Part 1)
KNT episode Moyase seishun! Mata deta Daisensei
KNT episode number 36

The Big Cheese hires a group of Pillsbury Doughboys, who explode when emotions get high. He send them to destroy the Pizza Cats, but the Pizza cats soon learn what makes them explode and use it to their advantage. At the end Bad Bird gets ready to make his move.


  • The Big Cheese crossdresses in this episode.
  • The exploding dolls resemble the Pillsbury Doughboy.
  • Bad Bird is not shown until near the end of the episode as he continues training to be stronger than the Pizza Cats, which leads to the next two episodes.
  • Many scenes involving Guru Lou's perversion were cut for this episode.
  • Polly does not join the Pizza Cats in this episode as she gets possessed by the running potion.

Scene CutsEdit

  • A shot of Guru Lou with Japanese words followed by him munching on another set of words was cut.
  • Shots of Guru Lou going after girls only to be hit by them was cut.
  • A shot of Guru Lou sweat-breaking before drinking his potion was cut.
  • A shot of the exploding dolls was closed in to prevent the insignias being shown.
  • The scene where the Pizza Cats get into gear was added for the English dub.
  • A full scene of Guru Lou sexually harassing a girl he gets carried from only to get punched with a nosebleed was cut.
  • Shots of Guru Lou touching Francine after landing at the pizzeria and before Francine hits him before throwing him back out thinking he was one of the youth bombs was cut.
  • A shot of Guru Lou being hung by Francine cuts where tears dangle comically from his eyes.
  • A scene where Guru touched Francine's bottom only to get hit once more was cut.  This would explain why a shot of Francine drinking Guru Lou's potion was reversed.
  • A scene where Guru Lou snatches onto Lucille was cut.  This would explain why she fired her missiles at the robot.
  • Like in some episodes, a single shot of Big Cheese's anger explosion cuts the insignias.