KNT ep. SPC ep. Samurai Pizza Cats title / Original Title Translated to English
Original Japanese title
US Airdate
1 1 [[Stop Dragon My Cat Around!]] / "Secret Ninja Group, Nyankii Dispatch!"
Himitsu ninjatai Nyankii shutshudou! (秘密忍者隊ニャンキー出動!)
3 September 1990

Speedy is serving a pizza to Lucille but then Guido pops up and steals the Pizza to deliver it for Lucille himself. As they continue to reach their destination, they continuously steal the pizza from each other. When Speedy gives it to Lucille, Guido says that Lucille and he are in love, and they two get into a brawl. Lucille stops them by blowing them up. Meanwhile, Bad Bird sends out a giant robotic dragon and it wreaks havoc on Little Tokyo. Speedy and Guido notices Ninja Crows inside the Dragon and they decide to defeat this machine before it demolishes every structure in the city.

2 2 [[If You Knew Sushi Like I Know Sushi]] / The Town is full of Sushi! Panic!
Machijuu osushi da! Panikku da! (街中おスシだ !パニックだ!)
4 September 1990

Lucille's brother, Wally, is captured by the Ninja Crows and hypnotyzed for being the driver of the giant Sushi making robot.

3 3 [[Underground, Underwater, Undercooked]] / Dig Dig a Hole and Dig More!
Hore hore ana hore motto hore! (ホレホレ穴掘れもっと掘 れ!)
5 September 1990

Bad Bird found a document whick says that gold is hidden beneath the Little Tokyo castle. With the help of Ninja Crows he manages to hijack the train with the Lucille being one of the passangers. They are ordered to dig to find the gold.

Meanwhile, Pizza Cats realized that Lucille haven`t returned to home yet. Speedy suggested that she was abroad that hijacked train. Pizza Cats went to the tunnel to find her. "

4 4 [[The Great Golden Cluck]] / Have a Worry? A Card will solve it!
Nayami o kaiketsu? Kaado de tiin! (悩みを解決? カードで チーン!)
6 September 1990

A huge golden statue which grants wishes, for a fee, is used by the bad guys as a Trojan Horse to get into a rich man's house.

5 6 [[Singing Samurai Sensation!]] / An Idol is Born? Sweet Trap of the Entertainment World
Aidoru tanjou? Geinoukai no amai wana (アイドル誕生?芸能界の 甘いワナ)
10 September 1990

Polly Ester and Lucille become a hit in Little Tokyo as the singing group The Pointless Sisters. Little do they know that they are really a front for bad guys attempt of hypnotize the population.

6 5 [[Let the Cellar Beware]] / Exploration! Ammusement Park for a Tomboy Princess
Tanken! Otenba hime no yuuenchi (探検!オテンバ姫 の遊園地)
7 September 1990

Princess Vi enlists Speedy to help search for a ghost in the palace

7 7 [[The Nuclear Potato]] / Is it True!? Karamaru Becomes a Hero?
Maji!? Karamaru ga hiirou ni naru hi (マジ!?カラ丸 がヒーロ ーになる日)
11 September 1990

Little Tokyo becomes a dump for toxic potato peelings, in exchange the rich get richer. Meanwhile, the Big Cheese tries to steal a Nuclear Potato that is on the ship.

8 8 [[Kind of a Drag]] / Is it Dreadful? Koon no Kami's Se-cr-et
Kowaai? Koon-no-kami no hi-mi-tsu (こわーい? コーン守 のヒ・ミ ・ ツ)
12 September 1990

Guido meets a pretty girl, but Big Cheese has sent the Ninja Crows after her.

9 9 [[Double Trouble for Princess Vi]] / The Princess is Excited! Everyone is worried!
Hime wa uki-uki! Minna hara-hara! (姫はウキウキ! みんなハラハラ!)
13 September 1990

Princess Vi puts on a disguise and sneaks out of the palace to attend the festival as a commoner. Pizza Cats are sent to protect her

10 Teyandee! This is Nyankii
Teyandee! Kore ga Nyankii dee (てやんでえ!これが ニャンキーでえ)

A clip show with scenes from the first 9 episodes

11 10 [[Hot and Kold Kitties]] / Father of the Bullied Child is a Gifted Scientist?!
Ijimerarekko no papa wa tensai kagakusha!? (いじめられっ子のパパ は天才科学者!?)
14 September 1990

Speedy helps a kid search for his father, the inventor Prof. Ohm, who claimed to have invented something to increase the power of any kind of energy. The Big Cheese is holding him hostage to get him to apply his invention to their weather machine.

12 11 [[Candid Kitties]] / Unusual play, wonderful play! The Weakness of Nyankii!
Chin puree kou puree! Nyankii no jakuten! (珍プレー好 プレー!ニャンキ ーの弱点!)
17 September 1990

The Bad Guys gather in a movie theater to watch their past mistakes and look for the Pizza Cats' weakness.

13 12 [[The Pizza Cats Are Only Human (Part 1)]] / Nyankii Defeat? The Dark 4 Ninja Appear!
Nyankii haiboku? Yami no yonninshuu arawaru! (ニャンキー敗北 ?ヤミの四 忍衆あらわる!)
1 October 1990

After discovering the Pizza Cats are solar powered the Big Cheese has a satellite launched that will block out the sun. The Pizza Cats try to stop the launch but come up against the Rude Noise.

14 13 [[The Pizza Cats Are Only Human (Part 2)]] / Reversion! Nyankii Fly Through the Air
Gyakuten! Nyankii sora wo tobu (逆転!ニャンキー空 を飛ぶ)
18 September 1990

The Pizza Cats turn to Guru Lou in hopes that he can help them to defeat the Rude Noise.

15 14 [[Those Transformin' Felines]] / Wish! Koon no Kami Wants to be Popular
Onegai! Koon-nokami wa ninki ga hoshii (お願い! コーン守 は人気がほしい)
20 September 1990

The Pizza Cats have been getting a big reputation in Little Tokyo. The Big Cheese, now jealous, decides to build his reputation by sending a robot out to attack, but make the Big Cheese look like the hero instead of the Cats.

16 15 [[The Case of the Bogus Billionaire]] / A Lie! The Shogun is an Imposter!?
Ussou! Shougunsama wa nisemono? (ウッソー!将軍 さまはニセモノ?)
21 September 1990

The Big Cheese gets a picture of a potato farmer who looks mysteriously like Emperor Fred. Al Dente then sends the Pizzaca Cats to find the nanny that raised the Emperor, in hopes that she can identify the true Emperor. However, Big Cheese knows of the plan and sends the Ninja Crows and the Rude Noise to get her first.

17 16 [[Big Cheese's IQ Corrall]] / Where? The Professor Disappeared
Doko da? Kieta daisensei (ドコだ?消 えた 大先生)
24 September 1990

The Big Cheese is having scientists kidnapped to be forced to work on his secret weapon. Now the Ninja Crows are after Guru Lou.

18 17 [[Field of Screwballs]] / Courtship, Courtship A Baseball Challenge
Miatte miatte yakyuu de shoubu (見合って見合って 野球で勝負)
25 September 1990

The Bad Guys use a mind controlling robot on a popular baseball player Princess Vi has a crush on. To impress her, they challange the Pizza Cats to a baseball game.

19 18 [[Speedy's Double Time Trick]] / Double Date It is Full of Danger
W (daburu) deeto wa kiken ga ippai! (Wデート は危険がイッパイ !)
26 September 1990

Speedy makes a date with Lucille but he forgets that he also made a date with Polly to run some low level missions. He decides to zip back and forth between his engagements . Between dates he uncovers the Big Cheese's plan to attack Little Tokyo with a giant Hot Tub robot.

20 19 [[Samurai Charm School]] / Eh!? Pururun's Debutante Declaration
Eh!? Pururun no ojousama sengen (エッ!?プルルン のお嬢様宣言)
27 September 1990

Polly decides she needs to be less temperamental so she goes to a model school, which is really a front for the Big Cheese's plan hire some women warriors.

21 20 [[Drummin' Up Trouble with a Big Bad Beat]] / Boom-boom A Tanuki Makes a Fuss!
Ponpoko tanuki de oosawagi! (ポンポコタヌキで大騒 ぎ!)
28 September 1990

Big Cheese builds a robot that can bang out a hypnotic drum beat, thus enslaving the town.

22 21 [[Pizza Bird Delivers ]] / A Crow with Pizza, Limited Express Delivery?
Karasu ga piza motte tokkyubin? (カラスがピザ持 って特急便?)
1 October 1990

The Big Cheese is short on cash and can no longer afford to pay his minions. As a result the Ninja Crows have to go find day jobs. Bad Bird takes a job at the Pizza Cat pizzeria. For the first time in his life Bad Bird knows real job satisfaction and is torn between his duty to live up to the evil legacy of his father and his desire to seek his own path to personal happiness. The episode foreshadows events to come in the series finale and Bad Bird and Speedy form a bond of friendship.

24 23 [[Son of Big Cheese]] / Strange? Koon no Kami has a Child!?
Rereh? Koon-nokami ni kodomo!? (れれっ?コー ン守に子供 !?)
3 October 1990

A child becomes attached to the Big Cheese, so Princess Vi orders him to open a diaper cleaning service. The kid and the cleaning causes delays with his latest giant robot, the Samurai Stamper.

25 24 [[Gender Bender Butterflies!]] / Cute? Yattaro Turns into a Girl
Kawaii? Yattarou onna ni naru (かわいい?ヤッ太郎女 になる)
4 October 1990

Francine's date with a deer name Bucky is ruined when the Bad Guys release a swarm of butterflies that can make people act like the opposite gender.

26 26 [[Cold and Crabby in Little Tokyo]] / A Big Adventure! Search for the Zekko Bird
Daibouken! Zekkouchou wo sagase (大冒険!ゼッコー 鳥をさがせ)
8 October 1990

Emperor Fred comes down with a bad cold. Big Al Dente summons the Pizza Cats to go to Mount Coochie to bring back the CooCoo bird which will restore Emperor Fred's insanity and cure his cold. But the Big Cheese also has a cold and he sends Bad Bird to get the CooCoo bird first.

27 27 [[The Terror of Prisoner Island]] / Unpleasant! We are Banished to an Island?
Yada! Oiratachi ga shimanagashi? (ヤダ!オイラ達 が島流し?)
9 October 1990

There is a flaw in the palace. The Pizza Cats are sent to find the architech, who has been banished to an island by Princess Vi, but the Ninja Crows are after him too.

28 25 [[Pizza Cat Performance Review]] / Is it so? The Nyankii are Disbanded?!
Heh? Nyankii ga kaisan?! (ヘッ?ニャンキー が解散?!)
5 October 1990

Big Al isn't satisfied with the Pizza Cats' work, so he sends them to the suburbs, while the Rescue Team Cats take over the main shop.

29 28 [[Destructo Robots at Popular Prices]] / Exposed!? Nyankii's True Character
Bareta?! Nyankii no shoutai (バレた!?ニャンキ ーの正体)
10 October 1990

The Rude Noise spy on the Pizza Cats to try and find a way to beat them.

30 29 [[No Talent Guido]] / Legendary Idol? Sukashi Dispatched
Aidoru densetsu? Sukashii no shutsudou (アイドル伝説?スカシ ー出動)
11 October 1990

Guido feels left out when Polly, Lucille, and even Speedy become music stars. But now it's up to him to save the city from Big Cheese's singing.

31 30 [[All You Need is Love]] / Karamaru in Pain! A Ninja's Love
Tsuraize Karamaru! Ninja no koi (つらいぜカラ丸!忍者 の恋)
12 October 1990

Big Cheese decides to marry his way up, so the Bad Guys make a cupid robot to make Princess Vi fall in love with him. But things don't go as planned.

32 31 [[Polly's Magical Flute]] / Pururun's Flute has a Story
Pururun no fue wa otogibanashi?! (プルルンの笛はおと ぎ話?!)
15 October 1990

Big Cheese discovers a legend about a flute that can be used to find a treasure, so he collects all the flutes in the city, including Polly's.

33 32 [[Close Encounters of the Pig Kind]] / Mysterious?! A Friend from the Stars!
Fushisgi?! Hoshi kara kita otomodachi! (ふしぎ?!星から 来たお友だち!)
16 October 1990

Speedy befriends a pig from space. But this pig's appetite is out of control.

34 33 [[Big Cheese's High Definition TV]] / A Plan for Certian Victory! The Karakara Clan is Strong
Hissatsu sakusen! Tsuyoi zo Karakara ichizoku (必勝作戦!強いぞ カラカラ一族)
17 October 1990

After reviewing their previous encounters with the Pizza Cats the Big Cheese decides to combine the features from previous robots into one.

35 34 [[Pizza Delivery of Doom!]] / Sagase! Nekkii Disappeared at the Lake
Sagase! Mizu-umi ni kieta Nekkii (さがせ!湖に 消えたネッキー)
18 October 1990

Spritz disappears while making a delivery to a lakeside village, where mysterious creatures have been frightening the locals.

36 35 [[Youth Is for Exploding]] / Youth Burn with Passion! Also, the Professor returns.
Moyase seishun! Mata deta daisensei (もやせ青春!また 出た大先生)
19 October 1990

The city is in terrorized by a group of exploding robot teens. And to make things worse, Guru Lou is testing his new formula.

37 36 [[Bad Bird Uncaged (Part 1)]] / Really!? Yattaro Dies at Sundown
Masaka?! Yattarou yuuhi ni shisu (まさか?!ヤッ太郎夕日 に死す)
22 October 1990

Bad Bird is back with powerful new weapons, and challenges Speedy to a battle. Can Speedy defeat him?

38 37 [[Bad Bird Uncaged (Part 2)]] / Defeat Karamaru! Tears, Tears of a Big Revival
Taose Karamaru! Namida, namida no daifukkatsu (たおせカラ丸! 涙,涙の大復活)
23 October 1990

Speedy goes to Guru Lou to learn the secret of the Pizza Cats' power.

39 38 [[A Mission in Manhattan]] / Hello! Yattaro Flies to Another Country
Haroo! Yattarou kaigai he tobu (ハロー!ヤッ 太郎海外へ飛ぶ)
24 October 1990

The Pizza Cats travel to meet the New York Pizza Cats. The Big Cheese also goes to New York for a crime conference.

40 39 [[Unidentified Flying Oddballs]] / UFO!? Nyankii vs Aliens
UFO? Nyankii tai uchuujin (UFO?!ニャンキー対宇宙人)
25 October 1990

A flying saucer appears, and kidnaps Princess Vi. The Pizza Cats have to rescue her.

41 40 [[Princess Vi's Hippy-Dippy Mom]] / Touching! Mother Returns Home
Tonderu! Kaette kita hahaue (とんでる!帰ってきた 母上)
26 October 1990

Princess Vi's mother returns, and gives Vi a jem that the Big Cheese needs for his latest robot.

42 41 [[A Wet & Wild Weekend]] / A Big, Confusing Fight at the Spa?
Tairansen de ii yu dana!? (大乱戦でいい湯だな !?)
29 October 1990

The Pizza Cats go to a spa to protect Emperor Fred and Princess Vi, but Big Cheese and the Ninja Crows are there too, trying to get some rest and relaxation.

43 42 [[Kung Fu Kitty Contest]] / Everyone is Coming! A Contest to decide Who is #1 in the Land
Zen-in shutsugou! Tenka no daishiai (全員集合!天下一の大試合)
30 October 1990

Princess Vi holds a martial arts fighting contest to see who is the top fighter in the city. The Pizza Cats, Lucille, Bad Bird and one of Big Cheese's robots are among the entrants into battle.

44 43 [[Gone with the Ginzu]] / Pinch! The Masamasa is Stolen
Pinchi! Nusumareta Masamasa (ピンチ!盗まれた マサマサ)
31 October 1990

The bad guys steal the Speedy`s magical Ginzu Sword and make a copy of it.

45 44 [[A Little Bit o' Luck]] / Disapointment! The Misery of Koon no Kami
Gakuh! Mijime na Koon-nokami (ガクッ!みじめなコ ーン守)
1 November 1990 "

Jerry and Bad Bird builds a robot that brings luck. It was supposed to be delivered to Big Cheese, but was lost to Speedy instead. While trying to get the robot back, they give the Bad Luck robot to the Big Cheese."

46 45 [[Samurai Savings Time]] / Nyankii are Stuck in Time
Toki wo kakeru Nyankii (時をかけるニャンキー !)
2 November 1990

The Big Cheese builds a robot that can travel through time. His plan is to travel back in time to stop the Pizza Cats from being formed. Unbeknownst to him, the Pizza Cats are on their way to the palace to celebrate the anniversary of their formation. Big Cheese, Bad Bird, and the Cats accidentally get sent back in time with the robot and the Cats try to stop Big Cheese from meeting up with Jerry Atric and the Ninja Crows.

47 46 [[Phoney Baloney Cat]] / They Appeared! Imitation Nyankii
Deta! Nise Nyankii (出た!にせ ニャンキー)
5 November 1990

Big Cheese, Jerry, and Bad Bird dress up like the Pizza Cats to ruin the cats' reputations.

48 47 [[The Cheese Who Stole Christmas]] / Nyankii Santas Fly Through the Air
Nyankii santa sora wo yuku (ニャンキーサンタ空 を行く)
6 November 1990

Big Cheese is having a bad Christmas, so he dress up like Santa and gives kids masks that won't come off.

49 48 [[Emperor Fred Does Hard Time]] / Tired Yattaro is Banished to an Island
Yattarou otsukare shimanagashi (ヤッ太郎おつかれ島流 し)
7 November 1990

Speedy gives Princess Vi's pizza to Emperor Fred, who ruins it. The Princess has a temper tantrum and banishes both of them.

50 49 [[Quake, Rattle, and Roll]] / Gennarisai's "WAHAHA" Big Plan!
Gennarisai no wahaha daisakusen! (幻ナリ斎の ワハハ大作戦!)
8 November 1990

The Ninja Crows build and earthquake creating robot, which terrifies Speedy, and Big Cheese.

51 Frightening! Koon no Kami's Big Research
Kiih! Koon-nokami no daikenkyuu (きーっ! コーン守 の大研究)

Clip show.

52 50 [[The Big Comet Caper (Part 1)]] / Koon no Kami's Biggest Operation Ever!
Koon-nokami shijou saidai no sakusen! (コーン守史上最大の作戦!)
9 November 1990

In a last desperate act the Big Cheese diverts a comet towards Little Tokyo and blackmails the city. Can the Pizza Cats stop the Big Cheese before he destroys Little Tokyo...?

53 51 [[The Big Comet Caper (Part 2)]] / Tomorrow will be Absolutle Beatiful!
Ashita mo zettai nihonbare! (明日もぜったい日本晴れ!)
12 November 1990

Speedy and Bad Bird join forces to save the world from the comet.

54 52 [[The Pizza Cats Cop Cartoon Careers]] / Nyankii is Forever!
Nyankii wa fumetsu desu! (ニャンキーは不滅です!)
13 November 1990

A look back at some of the character's best moments in the series.

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