The Rude Noise

The Rude Noise. Left-to-right:Bad Max, Ronnie Geissmuller, Cannonball Battery, Mojo Rojo

The Rude Noise (Karakara  ), formerly known as the Fabricated Four ​(Yami no Yon Nin Shu), is a heavy metal band of four crows that is sometimes hired by the Big Cheese, the Rude Noise are the villains' equivalent of the Rescue Team. The Rude Noise is composed of:

Bad Max

Ronnie Geissmuller

Cannonball Battery

Mojo Rojo

The Rude Noise is like an evildoer's antidote to the Samurai Pizza Cats. It consists of four members. From left to right, they are: Bad Max (aka Crow Magnon), Ronny Guisemuller, Cannonball Battery, and Rojo Mojo. They are all souped-up Ninja Crows, all possessing the same intelligence as (or slightly less than) Bad Bird. They have the uncanny ability to meld together into a gigantic Ninja Crow robot (specifically referred to as the Ninja Crowbot), which is capable of withstanding several of Speedy's Cat's Eye Slashes. However, that stupidity factor for the bad guys comes into play again, and when the Rude Noise have an easy chance to destroy the Pizza Cats ("The Pizza Cats are Only Human"), they never do it.

One time at The Pizza Cats are Only Human, Seymour Big Cheese was about to kill the Samurai Pizza Cats personally until the Rude Noise mess it up causing the Samurai Pizza Cats to survive.

The Rude Noise were last seen walking the streets of Little Tokyo in the aftermath of the comet looking for work after the Ninja Crow Clan was disbanded.

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