New York Pizza Cats

New York Pizza Cats - Deedee, The Sundance Kid and Cosmo

The New York Pizza Cats: Little Tokyo is not the only city under the protection of a Pizza Cat team. Episode 38, "A Mission in Manhattan", involved the Samurai Pizza Cats traveling to the city of New York and meeting their counterparts

The Sundance Kid (Michael). The shortest of the New York Cats, he uses twin six-shooters against his adversaries with pinpoint accuracy. He also, Speedy's #2 rival. He has an irritating ego. Voice: Ryo Horikawa (Japanese), Rick Jones (English)

Dee-Dee (Madonna). A tall and curvaceous cat who uses a whip to punish the bad guys. Voice: Hiromi Tsuru (Japanese)

Cosmo (Prince). Like Deedee, he is taller than the Samurai Cats, and is suave and agile. He uses a rapier in combat. Voice: Show Hayami (Japanese)

Also noted, the creators (of the KNT) stated that they would have return in future episodes. The Nyankī would also meet other counterparts. They would have their own episode.


Samurai Pizza Cats


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