The Case of the Bogus Billionaire
Episode Number 15
Original Airdate 21 September 1990
Previous episode Those Transformin' Felines
Next Episode Big Cheese's IQ Corral
KNT episode Ussou! Shougunsama wa nisemono?
KNT episode number 16

Big Cheese meets up with Al Dente and shows him a picture of a gardener who looks identical to the Emperor. Al calls on the Pizza Cats as the Cheese is planning to use the look-alike to control Little Tokyo and earn money from the photo. Bad Bird distributes the bulletin as Al Dente tells the Pizza Cats that the Empreror's nany is the only one who can prove who is the real Emperor. Bad Bird reveals to Cheese that he has finished with the bulletins while the Pizza Cats finally reach their destination, but had to attack some Ninja Crows to save the nanny. On their way back to the town with the impostor, Bad Bird and his Ninja Crows spot the Pizza cats and attacked but they both fled away from each other. Reaching the city first, the Ninja Crows use robots to block the Pizza cats' passage. Finally defeating the robot usaing the Ginzu Sword, they weren't able to get back in time to stop the chaos to come. Meowza is sent to help and they are able to reach Little Tokyo and prove the impostor of Emperor Fred.


Big Cheese crossdresses in this episode.

Scene CutsEdit

  • A shot at the beginning where Emperor Fred cuts where he holds fans with insignias on them.
  • Scenes showing newspaper prints, a letter from Big Al Dente, and where the racing ostrich is introduced cut out where the insignias are shown.
  • Scenes of the narrator shown with a picture of a rainbow and child and where the Pizza Cats traveling underground to catch up with Bad Bird were cut.
  • A scene where Big Cheese is posing in the mirror through a broken wall by the ostrich was cut.
  • A shot of the broken bridge by the river erases a sign on a wooden board on the left side of the screen.

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