Sylvia is a tanuki (raccoon dog). She first appeared in "Son of Big Cheese." She has a baby son (who's also a tanuki). She lost her child in the episode of "Son of Big Cheese." She was unaware that the Big Cheese found her child. She was also unaware that her son thought the Big Cheese is his father (because the kitsune "Fox" looks like a tanuki.) The baby thinks the Big Cheese is his father and Princess Vi names the baby Seymour Jr. Sylvia thought her son was kidnapped. She and Speedy are friends. Sylvia tells Speedy that her boy was kidnapped. Sylvia cried when her son was missing. Later, the Pizza Cats wrongfully accused the Big Cheese of kidnapping the baby. The Pizza Cats rescued the baby, destroyed the robot, and return the baby to his mother. Sylvia was very happy that her son is returned safely.


The Baby (Seymour Jr.)


Speedy (friend): The two know each other as friends. She tells him when her son was missing, later Speedy and the other Pizza Cats found her son and bring him back to his mother.


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