Speedy Cerviche
Speedy Cerviche
KNT character Yattarō (ヤッ太郎?)
Voice actor Rick Jones
Seiyuu (KNT) Yamaguchi Kappei

Speedy Cerviche (pronounced "ser-vee-chay") is the leader of the Samurai Pizza Cats. As his name implies, Speedy is nimble and fast on his toes, a trait which comes in handy both when delivering pizzas and when fighting crime. He wields the magical Ginzu sword, whose power is unleashed in almost every episode as Speedy's special attack, the Cat's Eye Slash. Speedy is very self-confident and loves to pose for the camera after each victory. He is sarcastic, often jokes, and gets easily irritated at times, but remains very committed to his duties. Ceviche (also spelled as cebiche or seviche) is actually a seafood dish from Peru. At first, Speedy thought Bad Bird would never be good until future episodes proved him wrong. In some episodes Speedy tries to be friends with Bad Bird. At the end of the series, Speedy convinces him to reform.

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Appearance Edit

Speedy is an humanoid cyborg cat with green eyes. He is 132 cm (4' 4") tall, weighs 44 kg (99 lbs.) and has a 54 cm (1'9") long tail. In combat he wears white armor with a white and red helmet symbolizing the rising sun. His weapon of choice is the magical Ginzu sword.


Bad Bird (fighting, former enemy and now friend)

Guido (fighting over Lucille)

The Sundance Kid


Lucille: Speedy had a crush on Lucille and would fight with Guido over her

Polly Esther: The two cats work together at the Pizza Cat Restaurant and fighting evil. Polly gets irritated when he neglects his duties at the restaurant. She screams at him and even hits him with a frying pan a few times. In the last episode, Polly cried when she thought Speedy died from the comet. Speedy survived (along with Bad Bird) and Polly hugs Speedy. It appears Speedy's feelings for Lucille shifted to Polly by the end of the series.

Guido Anchovy: He and Speedy are friends, but they often fight with each other. Speedy sees Guido as a feline who flirts with women and is often annoyed when he attempts to charm Lucille.

The Great Warrior: He taught Speedy that teamwork will help him success. He even showed up in the last episode and he taught Speedy and Bad Bird to fight as one.

Bad Bird: He and him are rivals. They fight each other so many times. One day, Speedy begins to see a good side on Bad Bird and he tries to reform him. At the end of the series, the two have one final battle until Bad Bird manages to win. Speedy convinces him to change his ways. Bad Bird joins the Samurai Pizza Cats. The two become partners.

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