Speedy's Double Time Trick
Episode Number 18
Original Airdate 26 September 1990
Previous episode Field of Screwballs
Next Episode Samurai Charm School
KNT episode W (daburu) deeto wa kiken ga ippai!
KNT episode number 19

Speedy makes a date with Lucille, but forgets that he also has an appointment with Polly to run some low level missions. He decides to zip back and forth between his engagements. He then accidentally uncovers the Big Cheese's plan to attack Little Tokyo with a giant Hot Tub robot. At the end, Lucille was using Speedy to find Wally a gift because iof his size. Later, Polly gives Speedy a gift. Speedy is happy that Polly did something nice to him.


  • Wally makes a second in this episode.
  • Bad Bird croons in the style of Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett.

Scene CutsEdit

  • At the beginning of the episode the insignias on Speedy's love letter is erased.
  • The insignias on Lucile's letter  and on a sign at the cafe was also erased from the original
  • A shot of Speedy going teary-eyed after Lucille goes in to fix food is cut.
  • A scene where Polly pushes Speedy cuts where insignias are shown and where Speedy is later covered in bandages.
  • Two shots of the city while Speedy goes on a date with Lucille is cut.
  • A shot where the robot of the day is introduced with insignias is cut.
  • A scene where Momma Mutt has a love letter erases the insignias.

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