Speedy's Double-Time Trick
Episode Number 18
Original Airdate 26 September 1990
Previous episode Field of Screwballs
Next Episode Samurai Charm School
KNT episode W (daburu) deeto wa kiken ga ippai!
KNT episode number 19

Speedy makes a date with Lucille, but forgets that he has an appointment with Polly to run some low-level missions. He decides to zip back and forth between his engagements, where he accidentally uncovers the Big Cheese's next plan with a giant Hot Tub robot. In the end, Lucille was using Speedy to find Wally a gift because of his size. Later, Polly gives Speedy a gift. Speedy is happy that Polly did something nice to him.


  • Wally makes a second appearance in this episode.
  • Bad Bird croons in the style of Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett.

Scene CutsEdit

  • At the beginning of the episode, the insignias on Speedy's love letter is erased.
  • The insignias on Lucile's letter  and on a sign at the cafe was also erased from the original
  • A shot of Speedy going teary-eyed after Lucille goes in to fix food is cut.
  • A scene where Polly pushes Speedy cuts where insignias are shown and where Speedy is later covered in bandages.
  • Two shots of the city while Speedy dates Lucille is cut.
  • A shot where the robot of the day is introduced with insignias is cut.
  • A scene where Momma Mutt has a love letter erases the insignias.