Seymour Cheese
Seymour Cheese
KNT character Kitsunezuka Ko'on-no-Kami (狐塚コーン守?)
Voice actor Dean Hagopian
Seiyuu (KNT) Sawaki Ikuya

Seymour Cheese: the prime minister of Little Tokyo; more often referred to as the Big Cheese. In the Japanese version he is a fox, in fact, he's always a fox. But in the English version he identifies himself as a rat, a modification to reinforce his position as an enemy to the cats, even though he still has that bushy robotic fox tail. However, perhaps there was a reason Big Cheese was referred to as a rat; for in real-life, there's an actual rat that has a bushy tail, nicknamed (guess what) the "bush-tailed wood-rat".

He is the arch-nemesis of the Samurai Pizza Cats, and the supreme commander of the Ninja Crow clan. He tries to seize control of the city, but is invariably thwarted by the heroes or his own incompetence. He has the bad habit of literally exploding with anger every time he is disappointed at his failure, which usually happens near the end of every episode. He knows boxing; however, he's not at the same level with the Ninja Crows.

He has a large extended family of many nationalities all over the world, all who are involved in crime and mayhem, and also have his quirk of exploding when angered. The Big Cheese is a flamboyant and openly gay showoff, prone to overacting, crossdressing (his well known crossdressing scene is his cheerleader outfit including women's underwear 'causing panty shots'), and flirting with male subordinates. He even kisses one of the Pizza Cats (Speedy), although it was an accident. He fears earthquakes, just like Speedy. In one episode, surprisingly, he tells Princess Vi she is crazy in front of her and the council when he was ordered to take care of a baby (who thought Cheese was his father) and open a daycare center and diaper cleaning service. When he saved Jerry's life at a young age, he gained the support of the Ninja Crows. Also noted, he is trained in hand-to-hand combat; however, he's no match for the Ninja Crows and Jerry Atric.

Also noted, the creators (of the KNT) stated that if the series had continued Ko'on-no-Kami (Seymour Cheese) will never return to Edoropolis (after the comet incident final episode) ever again. He only appears in flashback stories. When Karasu (Jerry Atric) left him after he got his youth, Ko'on-no-Kami would join the Drag-Queen Performer and he travels the world while performing. He would find the young Karasu cute and handsome and he would have a picture of him. However, it never happened since the show only ran for one season and was cancelled soon after.

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Jerry Atric: He has a close relationship with him.

Bad Bird: He sometimes interacts with him.

Al Dente: The two work together at the palace.

Princess Vi: He works for her, but he deeply wants to over throw her. Like Al Dente, he sometimes tells Princess Vi that she's crazy and he sometimes can't tolerate her behavior.

Ninja Crows:

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