Samurai Savings Time
Episode Number 45
Original Airdate 2 November 1990
Previous episode A Little Bit 'O Luck
Next Episode Phoney Baloney Cat
KNT episode Toki wo kakeru Nyankii
KNT episode number 46

The Big Cheese builds a robot that can travel through time, so he can go into the future and get a super weapon. Meanwhile, the Pizza Cats are on their way to the palace to celebrate the anniversary of their formation. Big Cheese, Bad Bird, and the Cats accidently get sent back in time with the robot 15 years ago, and the Cats try to stop Big Cheese from meeting up with Jerry Attric and the Ninja Crows.


KNT Version episode #46

Carla Crow appears in this episode as a child

Bad Bird is a child in this episode

Young Big Cheese and young Al Dente appeared


  • Big Cheese and Bad Bird make a joke to the movie "Back to the Future".
  • The events of the past would later be in a similar fashion to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Scene CutsEdit

  • A scene with Momma Mutt and Junior cuts where Momma Mutt enlarges while yelling at Junior.
  • A scene where Big Cheese and Bad Bird fall into the river cuts where Polly enlarges her head and yells at them for insulting her.
  • A scene of Big Cheese at the road sign before Polly distracts him was cut.
  • A scene where Big Cheese's eyes turn into yen signs followed by Polly going mad at this was cut.
  • A shot of Francine yelling at the Pizza Cats cuts where the narrator speaks and the scene freezes.
  • A scene where Big Cheese, Bad Bird, and the robot appear in the prehistoric era cuts where they are unconscious, followed by a shot of a volcano at the very end.

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