The Rude Noise

The Rude Noise. Left-to-right: Bad Max, Ronnie Geissmuller, Cannonball Battery, Mojo Rojo

The Rude Noise (Karakara), formerly known as the Fabricated Four (ヤミの四人衆, Yami no Yonninxhu), is a heavy metal team of four elite ninja crows of the Ninja Crows clan. They have the uncanny ability to combine into the gigantic Ninja Crowbot), capable of withstanding several of Speedy's Cat's Eye Slashes. They are last seen walking the streets of Little Tokyo in the aftermath of the comet looking for work after the Ninja Crow Clan was disbanded.



The Rude Noise are souped-up Ninja Crows, all possessing the same intelligence on the same stupidity level which is slightly less than Bad Bird. A factor that puts them incompetent when they fail to destroy the Pizza Cats when they had the chance or fumble the opportunity. [1]



  1. The Pizza Cats are Only Human