Samurai pizza cats wallpaper

The Rescue Team. Left-to-right: General Catton, Bat Cat, Meowzma O' Tool, Spritz T. Cat

The Rescue Team (Otasuke Ninja): Whenever the Samurai Pizza Cats are in serious trouble, they ring the bell on their collars, alerting Francine to call part or all of the Rescue Team into action. Ironically, one lone member of the Rescue Team is usually able to accomplish what the three front-line heroes could not. The Rescue Team comprises four more cats, each with a different ability based on one of the classic four elements:

General Catton (Rikinoshin リキノシン?) : a play on real life's General Patton, Catton has a pair of flamethrowing cannons on his back. He is the leader of the Rescue Team. He generally speaks in clichés ("I have not yet begun to fight! You ain't seen nothin' yet!"). Voice: Kiyoyuki Yanada (Japanese)

Bat Cat (Mietoru ミエトル?): this cat uses a wing and propeller device to become airborne. His English name is most likely a play on Batman, though he does not resemble the character. Voice: Tsutomu Kashiwakura (Japanese), Terrence Scammell (English)

Meowzma O' Tool (Gotton ゴットン?): this member of the Rescue Team has drills on his gloves, helmet, and tail that allow him to burrow under the earth. Meowzma is the only Pizza Cat that is married. Voice: Wataru Takagi (Japanese), Arthur Holden (English)

Spritz T. Cat (Nekkii ネッキー?): unlike most cats, Spritz loves the water. He uses high pressure water jets. The "T." stands for "the." His name is a play on Fritz the Cat, a comic book character created by Robert Crumb. Voice: Takehito Koyasu (Japanese) Rick Jones (English)

The Rescue Team demonstrates some Super Sentai-like abilities: the members can combine their powers by joining their backpacks into unlikely weapons. Spritz and the General create what appears to be an acid-shooting machine gun, and Bat Cat and Meowzma create what was referred to once in the English series as the "singing robot wrecking rotor," which fires an electrified vortex. Finally, all four members can combine their equipment into a larger energy cannon (the "Super-Duper Wonder Weapon") that must be supported by the whole team and fires a blast nearly equivalent to that of the Ginzu sword. However, their energy cannon isn't as strong as the three main cats and Bad Bird's.

They were not strong enough to defeat the Bad Bird while he was using a special armor (episode 37). Bad Bird single handedly defeated them.

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