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Princess Vi's Hippy Dippy Mom
Episode Number 40
Original Airdate 26 October 1990
Previous episode Unidentified Flying Oddballs
Next Episode A Wet and Wild Weekend!
KNT episode Tonderu! Kaette kita hahaue
KNT episode number 41

We discover why Princess Vi is so spoiled, as her mom comes back for a visit. Then with this discover comes and evn more astounding discovery, that the Pizza Cats can't believe they missed.


The Big Cheese crossdresses as a geisha. In the Crossdressing scenes.

This is Princess Vi's final attempt to marry Bad Bird by force, but failed.

Empress Fredia only married Emperor Fred for money.

Scene CutsEdit

  • A scene at the beginning cuts where the cuckoo bird gets alarmed with a loud noise with words.
  • A shot of Big Al Dente punching Speedy on the head in a comical fashion while yelling at the Pizza Cats was cut.
  • A single shot of an empress in Speedy's mind thinking what Princess Vi's mother would look like was cut.
  • A shot of the geisha robot cuts where the insignias on the screen are shown.
  • A shot of a building with Japanese words in Big Cheese's mind was cut.
  • A shot of a wooden sign that Speedy crashed into was cut.
  • Scenes where Princess Vi's head enlarges while yelling after Bad Bird and after losing the crystal were cut.
  • The final scene of the Pizza Cats victoriously sitting by the bridge was cut for time constraints.

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