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Polly temporary removes her armor in 7 episodes. In such occasions she is shown with short red hair and a hairband on which her ears sit.


Number and title Picture
6 - Singing Samurai Sensation
Polly without her armor (episode 6)
In this episode we can also see her helmet, left while she was on a stage:
Polly`s helmet
18 - Speedy's Double-Time Trick
Polly without her armor (episode 18)
19 - Samurai Charm School
Polly without her armor (episode 19)
27 - Terror of Prisoner Island
Polly without her armor (episode 27)
29 - No Talent Guido
Polly without her armor (episode 29)
41 - Wet and Wild Weekend
Polly without her armor (episode 41)
45 - Samurai Savings Time
Polly without her armor (episode 45)
  • In episode 11 "Candid Kitties" Polly appeares without her armor as a reference to 6th episode.
  • In episode 31 "Polly's Magic Flute" Polly appeares without her armor in Guido`s dream:
Polly without her armor (episode 31)
  • In episode 38 "A Mission in Manhattan" Polly appeares without her armor when dreaming about a meeting handsome stranger who will swept off her feet at the top of The Empire State Building
Polly without her armor (episode 38)

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