Pizza Delivery of Doom!
Episode Number 34
Original Airdate 18 October 1990
Previous episode Big Cheese's High Definition TV
Next Episode Youth is for Exploding
KNT episode Sagase! Mizu-umi ni kieta Nekkii
KNT episode number 35

Spritz delivers a pizza to a town and is never seen again. Also, Princess Vi tries to calm the townsfolk's fears about monsters that have been seen around the town. But what the Princess doesn't know is that there actually are monsters, created by Big Cheese. Spritz and the missing people were put into slave labor. Spritz gets hurt by the Ninja Crows when he stop working. Spritz escapes from his captives and he helps the Pizza Cats save the day.


  • This is the second episode Bad Bird is not shown.

Scene CutsEdit

  • The insignias shown at the lake, town, and the robot was either cut or erased.
  • A shot of Guido and Speedy dance in sparkling meadows and trees cuts where "Welcome!" is shown.
  • A shot of Momma Mutt holding what looks like a pack of cigarettes after it falls from the sky was cut.
  • A shot of Princess Vi yelling with a sign over her with confetti before the citizens were taken away was cut.
  • A shot of Spritz tiptoeing pass a Ninja Crow sleeping with a bubble to his nose was cut.
  • The final scene cuts where Bad Bird slices trees to get even with the Pizza Cats followed by getting bashed on the head from one of the trees he has cut.