Pizza Cat Performance Review
Episode Number 25
Original Airdate Not aired
KNT episode Heh? Nyankii ga kaisan?!
KNT episode number 28
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Previous episode Gender Bender Butterflies!
Next Episode Cold and Crabby in Little Tokyo

Speedy, Polly, Guido, and Francine are sent to the suburban restaurants for incompetence, and the Rescue Team takes over the main emporium.


This episode was not shown in America because of censorship, but it has been dubbed in English.  It is also available in America on DVD.

Polly breaks the fourth wall by punching and breaking the screen.

The robot of the day, the Monster Masher, speaks in the style of Bobby "Boris" Pickett.

Scene CutsEdit

  • Shots with insignias on the robot of the day and when Meowzma gets the total on the register and when Bad Bird's mouth can't close showing what he is saying was either erased or cut.
  • A single shot of Polly being sexually harrassed by a customer was cut.
  • A scene with Bat Cat pretending to threaten Spritz with a dagger (in which Bad Bird and Speedy faint from) was cut.