The Narrator: always unseen in the English version and only seen once in the Japanese version, the Narrator provides voiceover for the episodes and interacts with the characters. Like Speedy, he often makes witty or sarcastic comments, many of which spoof plot holes and clichés, and even reads the wrong narration in one episode of the US version. Occasionally, in the US version, some of his lines are changed, and a different, more "politically correct" Narrator takes over. For instance, the original Narrator's line, broadcast in Canada, was: "And so, thanks to the tireless efforts of the Samurai Pizza Cats, movie-goers around the world can thrill to yet another pointless display of senseless violence and meaningless destruction!" while the US version used the PC Narrator's voice and was changed to: "movie-goers around the world can thrill to yet another heroic display of untamed bravery and never-ending action!" Voice: Kenyuu Horiuchi (Japanese), Terrence Scammell (English)

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