Mojo Rojo
Mojo Rojo
KNT Character Rekkaa (レッカア)</td></tr>
Demonym(s) 風のレッカア (Kaze no Rekkaa)</td></tr>
Gender Male</td></tr>
Species Crow</td></tr>
Affiliation Ninja Crows</td></tr>
Voice actor (SPC) Rick Jones</td></tr>
Seiyuu (KNT) Hiroyuki Shibamoto 13-16)
Kenyuu Horiuchi (26-54)</td></tr>


Mojo Rojo (Rekka of the Wind) is one of the four Rude Noise members. His final fight was with Polly and Guido during the comet showdown and was last seen with his crew walking the streets of Little Tokyo in the aftermath.



  • He is the Rude Noise counterpart to Bat Cat, both as specialists in aerial speed combat.