Meowzma O' Tool
KNT Character Template:Nihongo3
Demonym(s) Meowzma O' Tool
Voice actor (SPC) Rick Jones
Seiyuu (KNT) Takagi Wataru

Meowzma O' Tool is one of four members of the Rescue Team (also referred to as "The B-team"). Each member of the Rescue Team is unique in their special talent, Meowzma's individual gift is the ability to dig through anything. Equipped with excavation equipment on his forearms, shoulders and tail, Meowzma is the only member able to dig his way out of any situation (or into one depending on the case). Meowzma is employed by Francine at a suburban Pizza Cat outpost.


He is a felineroid with orange detachable armor with holes in the elbows and saws in the forearms. His orange helmet has white lenses above with a brown rectangular reflection. His body armor consists of a yellow belly, yellow shoulders with red holes for the drills, an orange tail with the small drill on its tip, orange shoes, white gloves and Orange forearms coming out of the mountains.


Meowzma is the most optimistic mood-maker of the Pizza Cats who cares for others, thus showing the most personality traits: festive, exuberant, enthusiastic, naughty, happy, funny, funny, talkative, cheerful, extravagant, charming and cheerful. Always wanting to see the smiles and joys of everyone, he uses his good sense of humor to bring laughter to his friends and others. But when things get gloomy, Meowzma can easily become sad and depressed that will forcefully show his serious nature to the point of anger.


  • Drills: Meowzma's main choice of weapons on his tail and shoulders, where he can excavate in the deepest of underground. The drills are powerful enough to generate tornadoes at high speeds.
  • Saws: Meowzma's secondary weapons on his forearms.
  • Shurikens: Gataladro can throw the enemies with orange 4-point shurikens.
  • Katana:
  • Crane:


  • He once quoted as saying his ability to saw through doors made him feel like a "cat burglar" - a rather exciting feeling.
  • He lives in a bakery with a few holes called "Sugar Party", where he works as the baker, and party organizer of the joke show.
  • He is the only member of the Rescue Team who is mentioned to be married.
  • His name in Spanish translation is "Gataladro O'Tool".