Meowzma O' Tool
Meowzma O' Tool
KNT character Gotton (ゴットン?)
Voice actor Rick Jones
Seiyuu (KNT) Takagi Wataru

Meowzma O' Tool is one of four members of the Rescue Team (also referred to as "The B-team"). Each member of the Rescue Team is unique in their special talent, Meowzma's individual gift is the ability to dig through anything. Equipped with drilling/sawing equipment on his forearms, shoulders and tail, Meowzma is the only member able to dig his way out of any situation (or into one depending on the case). Meowzma is employed by Francine at a suburban Pizza Cat outpost. He is the only member of the Rescue Team who is mentioned to be married. Meowzma was once quoted as saying that his ability to saw through doors made him feel like a "cat burglar" - a rather exciting feeling.

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