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KNT character Omitsu (おミツ?), Omi-chan (おみっちゃん?)
Voice actor Susan Glover
Seiyuu (KNT) Mizutani Yuuko

Lucille - a sheep and owner of a tea house, Lucille is the main object of both Speedy's and Guido's affections, and a primary cause of conflict between them. Her hairstyle and shoulder pads conceal a number of homing missiles, which are launched in Itano Circus fashion whenever she gets overly-emotional. She has an older brother named Wally, who works as a sushi chef. Her Japanese name, Omitsu, may be a reference to the character Omitsu from Ganbare Goemon, with whom she shares many similarities, such as her occupation and relationship to the main characters. She is in love with Speedy and Guido. Polly and Lucille formed a music group Pointless Sisters. She also wears a pink kimono.


Wally: Brother

Speedy: Love interest

Polly Esther: Friend

Guido: Love interest

Francine: Friend

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