Let the Cellar Beware
Episode Number 5
Original Airdate 7 September 1990
KNT episode Tanken! Otenba hime no yuuenchi
KNT episode number 6
Episode Staff
Previous episode The Great Golden Cluck
Next Episode Singing Samurai Sensation!

Let the Cellar Beware (探検!オテンバ姫の遊園地, Tanken! Otenba hime no yuuenchi) is the 5th episode of the Samurai Pizza Cats series.


There have been reports of strange noises in the palace, and the Pizza Cats were hired to investigate and discovers a giant bug and runs in terror. Meanwhile, Princess Vi decides to quit school and she wanted a playmate as Speedy has a slight cold. The Council Members believe that there is a ghost amongst them while Princess Vi is excited and wants to meet this spirit. Working on his latest scheme, Cheese wants his minions to create a giant carousel that would spin Little Tokyo. When the workers are tired, they order pizza and Francine wonders why the group wants so many pizzas and discovers that it is the Big Cheese. The Pizza cats decide this is a chance to investigate the cellar of the palace. When Speedy rushes into the palace, he bumps into Princess Vi and the two discover a robotic bug and try to escape. The robotic bug continues to find and attack them and it is finally destroyed in a room full of machines, and exposes Big Cheese's plan with the carousel, however the Big Cheese manage to lie and get away with it.


  • Speedy looks at the Big Cheese's cheerleader outfit and yells: "That's one ugly girl!"
  • Speedy kiss the Big Cheese: "What's with the getup?"


  • In this episode, the Big Cheese wears his cheerleader outfit. It later was shown again in episode Candid Kitty
  • This is the first episode of the Big Cheese's Crossdressing scenes.
  • This marks Speedy's first kiss after he and the Big Cheese's coincidence
  • Bad Bird is not in this episode due to the face both Speedy and Princess Vi were together and it somehow was meant to foreshadow that Princess Vi will meet Bad Bird for the first time in Field of Screwballs.

Scene CutsEdit

  • A scene where the robot of the day punches Princess Vi to the wall was cut. Princess Vi got hurt.
  • A short second scene where Princess Vi puffs her cheeks in disgust cuts before she wishes to find a playmate to have fun with.
  • A scene where Guido hits Speedy was shortened.
  • A scene where Polly tells Guido that Speedy left his energy pack with Guido disgusted by this while Polly worrying about him was cut.
  • Four shots of Speedy and Princess Vi. dodging dangerous traps like spears, chain balls, and spikes were cut.
  • Two out of four shots of Speedy being tortured by the robot was cut
  • A shot of the narrator explaining the rooms of Princess Vi's palace was cut.
  • The scene where the Pizza Cats' launch tower rising was cut for time constraints.