Kung Fu Kitty Kontest
Episode Number 42
Original Airdate Not aired
KNT episode Zen-in shutsugou! Tenka no daishiai
KNT episode number 43
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Previous episode A Wet and Wild Weekend!
Next Episode Gone with the Ginzu

The Samurai Pizza Cats, Lucille, Bad Bird, and one of Big Cheese's robots are among the entrants into a martial arts tournament, competing for a date with Princess Vi. The Big Cheese plans to win the contest by cheating, so it is up to the Pizza Cats to ensure the Princess doesn't have to deal with him.


  • In this episode Bad Bird saves Speedy's life and Bad Bird gets revenge on the Big Cheese and Jerry Atric for cheating. He deflects Jerry Atric's cheating attempt against Speedy (in the form of a dart) during a Kung Fu tournament, because of the lack of honor in cheating.
  • Bad Bird may have gotten revenge on Speedy too by having Speedy date Princess Vi. Speedy is miserable when he won the tournament and he has to be Princess Vi's date. Bad Bird gets the last laugh.
  • The Big Cheese and the Rescue team crossdress in this episode, wearing cheerleader outfits.
  • This episode got banned in the USA due to censorship
  • When Speedy finishes off the robot, slices of steak spread from the explosion.
  • Ben Bunny says Bugs Bunny's famous line "What's up, Doc?"

Scene CutsEdit

  • A scene where Momma Mutt reads a note cuts where the Japanese writings are shown, which was followed by Japanese words combining together.
  • A shot of Big Cheese looking at the note was cut as well.
  • A scene where the new robot of the day is shown is cut due to the insignias.
  • A scene where the Pizza Cats are launched, followed by Momma Mutt and Junior observing the cats, was added for the English dub.
  • A scene of the tournament entryway cuts where a sign is shown.
  • A scene where Bad Bird is in line, followed by a sign before the tournament begins were cut.
  • Shots of the chart in Japanese writing were cut.
  • Shots of Emperor Fred dozing off with a bubble from his nose were cut.
  • A shot of an opponent's skeletal body exposed from Lucille's missile attack was cut.
  • Shots of a sign while Speedy takes a break and where Bad Bird listens on to Big Cheese and Jerry Atric were cut.
  • A scene where Speedy accidentally sneezes at Princess Vi's face making her angry was cut.