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Jerry Atric
Jerry Atric
KNT character Karasu Gennarisai (カラス幻ナリ斉?)
Voice actor Terrence Scammell
Seiyuu (KNT) Naoki Tatsuta

A bald, elderly crow, Jerry Atric is the Big Cheese's trusted advisor and leader of the Ninja Crows. His voice of reason counterbalances the Big Cheese's impulsive nature. He is second in command of the Ninja Crows. His name is a play on the word geriatric, which refers to the elderly or the branch of medicine dealing with treating the elderly. The episode "Samurai Savings Time" also explains how Jerry Atric and the Ninja Crows became loyal to Seymour Cheese fifteen years earlier. While on a journey, Seymour stumbles upon the house where the crows are taking care of Jerry, who was very ill. Desperately hungry, he dashes for the food he sees in the hut, but accidentally trips on the threshold and falls on Jerry, kissing him and shocking the Ninja Crows. The kiss revitalizes Jerry, and he and his clan pledge their allegiance to Seymour. The reason the Pizza Cats went back in time in the first place was to stop this event, but they end up causing no real change in the timeline. There were a few episodes of him trying to get rid of the Big Cheese.

Also noted, if the series continued the creators (of the KNT) stated that that Karasu Gennarisai (Jerry Atric) will find a power to regain his youth and he would return to Edoropolis to exact revenge on the Nyankī. He would be a powerful enemy to the Nyankī. He would signal handily defeat the Nyankī. He would work for Dr. Purple. He would become Karamaru's rival throughout the two to three seasons. Karasu and Karamaru would have fight each other. Karasu would offer Karamaru to rejoin him as second-in-command; however, Karamaru will refuse his offer so many times. At the end, he would die after Karamaru and him have their showdown and Karamaru wins against him and thus Karasu would become the first character to actually die in the series. However, it never happened since the show only ran for one season and was cancelled soon after.

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The Big Cheese

Bad Bird: (former professional relationship) He is Jerry's right hand man, but Jerry's ideas are not always smart. At the end of the series, Bad Bird leaves Jerry and Big Cheese to join the Pizza Cats.

Ninja Crows: Jerry Atric is their leader, but they now work for Big Cheese too, after his kiss "cured" Jerry's illness.

The Rude Noise: They seem to be an independent group of Ninja Crows and it's not clear if they see Jerry as their leader or not. They were hired by Bad Bird to help deal with the Pizza Cats. They rarely interact with him.

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