Hot and Cold Kitties
Episode Number 10
Original Airdate 14 September 1990
KNT episode Ijimerarekko no papa wa tensai kagakusha!?
KNT episode number 11
Episode Staff
Previous episode Double Trouble for Princess Vi
Next Episode Candid Kitties

A dark cloud fires a ray that freezes a bunch of kids solid in ice. Seconds later, it melts them, and then flies off, unnoticed. At the Pizza Parlour, a bunch of kids are pushing Professor Ohm's son. A fight commences between Speedy and the kids but are interrupted by Francine. The boy explains that his father is out late and that his dad invented a device that can increase the power of any machine. Inside a cloud that Speedy sees, Bad Bird is holding Professor Ohm hostage. He is trying to force the professor to apply his invention to Big Cheese's weather machine. When Ohm refuses, Bad Bird has his robot, a mechanical flower, freeze him and then fry him. Ohm still won't give in, so Big Cheese threatens to do something to his son. When the Ninja Crows capture Speedy and Ohm's son, the professor is forced to give up his invention. When the invention is added to the robot, it unleashes its powers to turn the sunny day into a dreadful day. When the Pizza Cats and Meowzma is sent to the rescue, they land on an airship disguised as a cloud and successfully destroys the airship and saves both the professor and his son.


  • This is actually episode 11.  Episode 10 was never dubbed in English due to the fact it was a clip show.

Scene CutsEdit

  • A shot showing a drunken rabbit getting ready to urinate in the lake during a party was cut.
  • Two shots showing the frozen rabbit and frozen urine from the cloud was cut.
  • A shot where the flower robot poses in bright background was shortened to remove where "POWER UP!" is shown.