Guido Anchovy
Guido Anchovy
KNT character Sukashii (スカシー?)
Voice actor Terrence Scammell
Seiyuu (KNT) Kosugi Jurouta

Guido Anchovy is one of the main male characters in Samurai Pizza Cats. Guido's weapon of choice is the Samurai Sunspot Umbrella, which can fire rings, fire a heat beam, be spun to hypnotize enemies, and be used as a club (when closed) or a shield (when open). Its handle also conceals Guido's sword.


There is little known background about Guido Anchovy, aside from the fact that he was evidently friends with Polly and Speedy when they were much younger, before they began their business.


Guido is a humanoid cyborg cat. He is 150 cm (4' 11") tall, weighs 55 kg (121 lbs.) and has a 70 cm (2' 3.5") long tail. Keeping in the theme of the other Pizza Cats, he dons a blue suit of armor with a red chestplate and various details of yellow around his ears, wrists, and feet. He is tall, dark-furred, and has red eyes. His monocular telescopic visor is a light blue color, as well as various details around his hands and feet.


Guido Anchovy is the resident cool dude of the group. He is often seen chasing after girls, although he has little success in romance. He has a generally laid back attitude, but springs into action when there's evil afoot. (or a dazzling damsel catches his eye)

Powers and abilitiesEdit


Guido has two main weapons:

  • Sunspot umbrella - allows him to perfom special attacks (in KNT - Nyanki Ninpou)
  • A Sword. In KNT, it's named Koutou Pikapika sword (luminous sword Pikapika). It allows him to perform his finishing attack. In KNT it is called Ichi Monji Faiaa

He also occasionally uses throwing knives (kunai) in battle.


  • His name is a reference to the anchovy fish, and Guido is common Italian given name, and is also used as a slang term for a young, male Italian-American in New York.
  • He is known to make various inappropriate or sexual references throughout Samurai Pizza Cats, some more subtle than others.



Speedy Cerviche: He and Speedy are friends and they work together at the Pizza Cat Restaurant and as Samurai Pizza Cats. They fight over Lucille a lot, but later Speedy choose to be with Polly. Guido sometimes sees Speedy as a loud mouth cat but can be good friends when not fighting. He kicked Speedy when he disrespects Polly in the finale (but Speedy was joking).

Polly Esther: Polly is also his friend and teammate, but Guido tends to get on her nerves along with Speedy at times, and as a result, they usually get a beating or get smacked with a frying pan.

Francine: Francine is in charge at the Pizza Cat restaurant. She convinced Guido to snap out of his self-pity and go help his friends in one episode.

Bad Bird, (later Good Bird): Guido sees him as a bad guy. When Bad Bird applied to work at the pizza restaurant, he and the other Pizza Cats thought he couldn't do it and would fail the test, but Bad Bird proved to be more competent than them, causing Guido and the others to be jealous. In the episode "All You Need is Love", he and his friends saw Bad Bird together with Carla, and they were touched. Guido said that even a bad guy like Bad Bird deserves to have a moment of peace at a time like that. Later, when Speedy and Bad Bird save the world from the comet, Guido was concern for the both of them.

Lucille: Guido has a crush on Lucille. Guido and Speedy always fight each other over her.

Ruby: Ruby is a girl that Guido gets a crush on in one episode. He was later disappointed to find out that she already has a boyfriend. Heartbroken.

Big Al Dente: Boss.

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