Gone with the Ginzu
Episode Number 43
Original Airdate Not aired
Previous episode Kung Fu Kitty Kontest
Next Episode A Little Bit 'O Luck
KNT episode Pinchi! Nusumareta Masamasa
KNT episode number 44

The bad guys steal the Magical Ginzu Sword and make a copy of it. When the Pizza Cats retrieve the sword they think everything is as it should be. But they soon learn otherwise.


this episode got banned in the USA

Scene CutsEdit

  • The first shot at the beginning of the scene flashes to remove the Japaneses words from Big Cheese's TV exploding.
  • A shot of the monkey robot's introduction with insignias was cut.
  • A scene where the ostrich runs into the monster hand and Ninja Crows was shortened.  In the original, it shows a five second freeze-frame of the panicking Ninja Crows with the hand in a shambles, while in the SPC dub it's half a second.
  • A scene where Guru Lou sexually harrasses Polly by touching her rear while looking at the fake sword only to be bashed on the head with a frying pan held by Polly was cut.  This scene was also followed by Speedy protesting with a bomb and shuriken with words on them.
  • A brief shot of Bad Bird going alarmed with Japanese words above his heads after being tricked with Speedy's Ginzu sword was cut.
  • A brief second in a scene where Bad Bird's head enlarges while yelling at the monkey robot was cut.
  • A shot of the words from Big Cheese's self-destruct was cut.
  • A shot of the sign at the train station was cut.
  • The very end of the episode cuts where Polly's head enlarges as she yells at Guido, Speedy, and Guru Lou.

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