Gender Bender Butterflies!
Episode Number 24
Original Airdate Not aired
Previous episode Son of Big Cheese
Next Episode Pizza Cat Performance Review
KNT episode Kawaii? Yattarou onna ni naru
KNT episode number 25
Francine is in love with a deer named Bucky, but her responsibilities with the Pizza Cats cause problems with the relationship.


This episode was not shown in America due to censorship, but it has been dubbed in English.  It is available on the English DVDs.

This episode shows gender-confusion whenever a butterfly lands on someone to turn into an opposite gender.

Francine wears a different outfit for the first and only time in this episode.

Scene CutsEdit

  • A shot of Francine going shocked explaining about Bucky cuts where she is shown with Japanese words all over her.
  • A shot of Jerry going alarmed by Big Cheese's sweet talking before showing his face with make-up is cut.
  • A shot of a chrysalis in a cage shows a Japanese sign.  In the English dub, it is replaced with hyphens and question marks.
  • A shot of Big Al Dente walking off feeling depressed before Big Cheese's plans was cut.
  • A shot of the subway sign where Bucky and Francine are is cut.
  • Shots showing insiginas behind an angry Francine and from Big Cheese's explosion were cut.
  • A scene where Speedy turns into a girl from the butterfly cuts where he tries to kiss Guido and tries to touch Polly only to get hit by her.

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