KNT character Otama (おタマ?)
Voice actor Pauline Little
Seiyuu (KNT) Koorogi Satomi

Francine is the feline owner of the Pizza Cat Restaurant. She does not actively participate in missions, but still plays a vital role. Wherever the Samurai Pizza Cats are needed, either to deliver a pizza or to battle evil, she operates the launching cannon (in a parody of the live-action Japanese film Cyber Ninja) which blasts the heroes in the air toward their destination. She also handles communications and finances, and is known in the English language version for speaking in rhyme. She has terrible aiming at most times when she fires the Pizza Cat Cannon. She once had a boyfriend who was a deer named Bucky.


Pizza Cats: She works with Speedy, Polly, and Guido at the Pizza Cat restaurant and tries to make sure they don't neglect their duties there. She also blasts them out of the cannon when they go on missions, but has less-than-accurate aim, often resulting in them crashing into buildings or having some other type of rough landing. Even during work days.

Lucille: She is friendly with Lucille.

Bad Bird: When Bad Bird came to the restaurant to work, Francine at first was scared of him due to the fact that he's a bad guy, but she soon gave him the test and he passed. Francine is impressed that he working very hard, unlike the Pizza Cats. She even gave him a bonus in his pay out of their paychecks.

Big Al Dente: She works for him.

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