Empress Fredia
Empress Fredia
KNT character Usa no Tsubone
Seiyuu (KNT) Shimamoto Sumi

Empress Fredia is Princess Vi's mother. She left home to travel the world. She and her daughter have a very unusual family dynamic—-they try to beat each other up when they first re-unite. She is Emperor Fred's wife. She only married him because he's rich.

If the series continued, the creators stated that she would have a flashback story of her meeting her husband when they were young. Unknown to her and her husband, her husband had a first born child before they met. When she found out, she would keep this a secret to make sure the throne belongs to her daughter which is ironic that Okara is keeping her heritage a secret to protect her and her family. Usa-no Tsubone would never know who the first born truly is.


Emperor Fred (husband)

Princess Vi (daughter)

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