Emperor Fred
Emperor Fred
KNT character Shogun Iei Iei Tokugawa (徳川イエッイエッ?)
Voice actor Terrence Scammell
Seiyuu (KNT) Horiuchi Kenyuu

Emperor Fred(dio) is a panda and legal ruler of Little Tokyo, but Emperor Fred does not hold any real power because he is insane and tends to act like a scat singer. His usual utterance is simply his name ("Fuh-RED!"), and on some occasions he takes to scat singing. However, he does speak coherently in at least four episodes. In the "Case of the Bogus Billionaire" episode, Big Cheese found a Emperor Fred`s look-alike (who just happen to be like him and crazy like him) and tried to replace the legal Emperor with the lookalike. There's also a New York Version of Emperor Fred.

He is currently married to the empress, Vi's mother, Empress Fredia who is currently travelling around the world. She only married him because he's rich.

If the series continued, the creators stated that there was going to be flashback story of the Shogun's past. It would reveal that when he was very young, the Shogun was a prince and he traveled throughout Japan. He stop at a village, got drunk and got a female crow pregnant. It would reveal that Okara was his first born and illegitimate child. The Shogun never knew about this. Okara would keep this a secret from the Shogun and the others to protect herself, Karamaru, and her family. Surprisingly, Okara has none of the Shogun's traits because she has all of her mother's traits. She has more common sense than the Shogun and has a pure heart. The Shogun would never know about his first born daughter, Okara. Okara would decide not to tell him about this. Unknown to the Shogun that the powers of the royal family would go to Okara because she's the first born. This was supposed to happen in season 3. However, it never happened since the show only ran for one season and was cancelled soon after.


Empress Fredia (wife)

Princess Vi (daughter)

Nanny she raised him.

Carla (Okara) (his first born child, he never knew and never will if the series continued) (illegitimate daughter)

Episodes where he talksEdit

Son of Big Cheese: Or you have to quit the council.

Case of the Bogus Billionaire:

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