Dr. Purple

Dr. Purple

Dr. Purple (Dr. パープ) is a mad scientist/evil genius who debuted in the game "Kyattou Ninden Teyandee", a game loosely based on the TV series (Samurai Pizza Cats in the US). He first appears as the mastermind behind level 7, where he runs a funhouse labrynth. In the same level, he reveals a vampire-like creation of his, that acts as the boss of the level. Later on in levels 9 & 10, it is revealed that Dr. Purple has been working alongside Ko'on-no-Kami (Big Cheese) in the construction of a whale-shaped war airship half the size of Little Tokyo/Edoropolis, in which the game takes place for the last 3 levels. Throughout the game, Dr. Purple appears to be mysterious and calculating, with a dark aura about him.

Trouble in the funhouseEdit

Dr. Purple spaceship

Dr. Purple's Spaceship

Dr. Purple's first appearance where he first appears to be a ghost in a haunted-looking funhouse. In reality, the funhouse is his base of operations where he designs countless machines and other creations, such as the vampiric creation of his (referred to as Nosferatu) who acts as the level boss. Upon the defeat of the boss, Dr. Purple makes his escape in his mini-spaceship

Whale AirshipEdit

Whale Airship

The rise of the Whale Airship

Dr. Purple is believed to be the architect of the whale-looking airship, roughly half the size of Edoropolis that he and Ko'on-no-Kami used to attack the city. The airship is shown to be a deadly weapon of mass destruction that easily devastates Edoropolis with little effort. Realizing that they can't destroy it from the outside, the Nyanki then decide to take it on from the inside. The last 3 levels of the game take place inside the devastating weapon.

Nyanki vs. Dr. PurpleEdit

Nyanki meet the Dr. Purple and his first mecha - Yellow Poncho
Yellow Poncho

Yellow Poncho

He was easily defeated. Thats makes Dr. Purple angry. He throws everything he's got at the Nyanki - he forced a confrontation.
His next mecha is a red dragon:
Dr. Purple Dragon

The Red Dragon

Upon his destroying Dr. Purple reveals a second (backup) robot to defeat the Nyanki - a giant rooster.
Dr. Purple Rooster

Dr.'s Final Mech

Once the robot is defeated, Dr. Purple makes his final escape on his spaceship.
Dr. Purple's Demise2

Dr. Purple Escapes


Even though he still appears to be at large, Dr. Purple never makes another appearance in any other media whatsoever. He is credited with all the other characters who take part at the end of the game.

Also noted, if the series continued the creators (of the KNT) stated that that the new villain Dr. Purple (Dr. パープ) was going to appear in the KNT TV series new season and he was meant to replace Ko'on-no-Kami (Seymour Cheese) as the new main villain (after the comet incident final episode). He would have his own army to battle the heroes and have a young Jerry Atric working for him.

His machines almost resembles Dr. Wily from Megaman.