Double Trouble for Princess Vi
Episode Number 9
Original Airdate 13 September 1990
Previous episode Kind of a Drag
Next Episode Hot and Cold Kitties
KNT episode Hime wa uki-uki! Minna hara-hara!
KNT episode number 9

Scene CutsEdit

  • A shot where Momma Mutt and Junior are shown was shortened to remove the narrator's appearance.
  • A shot of a magazine Speedy reads was cut.
  • A shot of Speedy and Polly after listening to Al Dente was shortened where Speedy makes a split second movement. Polly's dialog and Al Dente's reaction was also shortened.
  • The Japanese insignias in scenes, such as Al Dente yelling at the Pizza Cats, were erased and cut from the original.
  • A shot of Momma Mutt and Junior sleeping was cut
  • A scene where Princess Vi chokes on a squid from a peddler was cut.
  • A scene where Princess Vi complained about the sugar in her tea and Bad Bird realizing this was shortened.
  • A shot of two statuettes and a sign at a pagoda was cut.
  • A shot of Speedy appearing on top of the pagoda was cut.

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