The Pizza Cats are busy preparing for the Little Tokyo Arts Festival. When Al Dente receives a message that Princess Vi is going to the festival disguised, he asks the Pizza Cats to protect her. Cheese decides that this is a perfect opportunity to get rid of the Princess and take over the town treasury by creating a powder to make her think she's a dentist when Jerry Attric overhears this and reports it to the Big Cheese. The two retrieve Big Bert. When the Pizza cats blast off to find her, she is actually already at the festival, and Bad Bird poses as the waiter so he can give the Princess a drink with the powder in it. Fortunately, he forgets to add the stuff. Big Cheese summon Big Bert, who tranforms himself into an exact likeness of Vi while Big Al has to deliver all the pizzas while the Cats are out. When Lucille and Vi enter the theatre, Bad Bird is ready to shoot a dart contained with the powder and Speedy attacks him just in time. In another attempt to cahange Vi, Bad Bird decides to add the powder in the fireworks, where they will land on Vi's head. But Lucille guides Vi in another direction and this confuses both teams. The Cats send for Catton and he finally finds Vi and stops Bad Bird before he can send the fireworks flying. When the Pizza Cats encounter Bad Bert as Vi, they challenged him. Even though Bert continues to change his form into the Pizza cats, they are able to defeat him.

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