Dirty Bird is Bad Bird's (later called Good Bird's) and his siblings' father. He was the original Bad Bird, Super Bad Bird, or Dirty Bird. He only appear in episode "The Nuclear Potato." Bad Bird and his brothers and sisters look up to him as their hero. Fans believe he pass away. (Currently unknown.)

If the series continued, the creators stated that, Karamaru's father would appear in the series. He would appear in flashbacks until he would appear in the present as an elder crow. During the flashback, he was a skilled ninja warrior until he retired and left the position to his son Karamaru. When a young Karasu Gennarisai appear in front of him, Karasu would ask him to help him train some promising warriors; however, Karamaru's father would yell at Karasu for ruining the ninja clan's name and swearing their loyalty to Kitsunezuka Ko'on-no-Kami. He knew that Kitsunezuka Ko'on-no-Kami would make the clan weak and Kitsunezuka took the training budget. He would also get angry that because of Karasu and Kitsunezuka's bad leadership and his son became a rouge ninja warrior siding with the enemy. He would also blame the Nyankī team and Okara for corrupting Karamaru and reforming him. He would also confront his son and he would battle his son; however, Karamaru would defeat his own father. Later, he would also meet his grandchildren and he harshly disown them because his grandchildren never wanted to be evil which Karamaru's children would not be bother by it and they never like their grandfather anyway. He would eventually die from old age at the end of season 3 making him the second character to die.

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