Destructo Robots at Popular Prices
Episode Number 28
Original Airdate 10 October 1990
Previous episode Terror of Prisoner Island
Next Episode No Talent Guido
KNT episode Bareta?! Nyankii no shoutai
KNT episode number 29


  • When the Rude Noise prepare their ultimate attack, they sing "Hello" in the style of the Three Stooges.

Scene CutsEdit

  • A scene of Speedy releasing himself from the electric net was shortened.
  • A scene of Speedy going crazy strangling a couple citizens and with him and Lucille looking at a poster was cut.
  • A brief shot of Cannonball Battery punching Lucille in the stomach to knock her unconscious was cut.
  • A scene where a citizen sounds the gong followed by the Rude Noise going stunned and mad finding out about Speedy's identity was cut.

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