Close Encounters of the Pig Kind
Episode Number 32
Original Airdate 16 October 1990
Previous episode Polly's Magical Flute
Next Episode Big Cheese's High Definition TV
KNT episode Fushisgi?! Hoshi kara kita otomodachi!
KNT episode number 33

A pig from space, who gets attached to Speedy, is cute to start with, but when he starts eating...


  • This episode marks the third time the Rude Noise's Ninja Crowbot makes its appearance.
  • This episode markls the second time a brief shot of Marilyn Monroe was scene.

Scene CutsEdit

  • A shot of Big Al Dente deciphering on the computer was cut.
  • Although it is shown in every other episode, the Pizza Cats' transformation was cut for time constraints.
  • A shot of the giant pig blowing out a gust of air through his snout to fight off the Ninja Crowbot was cut.

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