Cannonball Batterly
KNT character Bonkaa (ボンカア?)
Voice actor Terrence Scammell
Seiyuu (KNT) Shioya Kouzou

Cannonball Batterly is one of four Rude Noise members. He has a high-pitched voice, which is diametric to his rather large size. He also tends to make strange comments, such as wondering if hair coloring works on feathers. Big blue armor with a cannon on his back.

Weapon: Heavy cannon mounted on his back.

His final fight was Polly and Guido during the comet.

He was last seen walking the streets of Little Tokyo in the aftermath of the comet.

The series never fully explores his back story and his interaction with the villains. Only a little bit of it, but not fully.

The creators stated that if the series continued, they would become a laughing stock and no one will take them seriously. When they work for the young Karasu Gennarisai, they fear and envy him. They try not to get in Karasu's bad side. After so many losses, the team finally disbanded. Bonkaa, Wokkaa, and Rekkaa would live at Prisoner Island. Zankaa has a mental breakdown after he and his team were defeated by Otama, Omitsu, and Okara. He would live in the insane asylum. However, it never happened since the show only ran for one season and was cancelled soon after.

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