Big Cheese Shows His Filmy Substance
Episode Number 22
Original Airdate 2 October 1990
KNT episode Gekitotsu! Eiga no shuuyaku dareda?
KNT episode number 23
Episode Staff
Previous episode Pizza Bird Delivers!
Next Episode Son of Big Cheese

Princess Vi wants to produce a movie. The Big Cheese, Guido, Speedy, and many others run an obstacle course which will determine the male lead, but at the end Princess Vi is really looking for someone to play the monster and the Big Cheese manage to win and get the part. Jerry plays the hero that beats up the monster.


The Big Cheese wears make-up

The Big Cheese selects a bunch of clothes that are women's outfits

The Big Cheese crossdresses

Scene CutsEdit

  • A shot where Princess Vi shows the script cuts where it's shown in Japanese.
  • A shot of Guido drooling over his thought was cut.
  • The shot of the robot of the day, Bongo cut two seconds where the insignia introduction is shown.
  • Speedy and Bad Bird's sword fight scene after the Pizza Cats raided their picnic was cut.
  • A scene where Japanese insignia meaning "The End" of Princess Vi's movie is shown gets cut and erased replacing it with a shot of Jerry, Big Cheese, Bad Bird, and the Ninja Crows from episode 11.