Big Cheese's IQ Corral
Episode Number 16
Original Airdate 24 September 1990
Previous episode The Case of the Bogus Billionaire
Next Episode Field of Screwballs
KNT episode Doko da? Kieta Daisensei
KNT episode number 17

Scene CutsEdit

  • Shots where the robot catches a professor and later Guru Lou with his eyes erases the flashing insignias.
  • Shots of the newspaper with insignias and pictures of the professors at the comic stand and the pizzeria read by the Pizza Cats was cut.
  • A second in a scene after Lucille fires her missiles cuts where Speedy faints for time constraints.
  • A scene where Jerry Atric and Big Cheese laugh at their evil plan cuts where Big Cheese accidentally hits his own pelvis and runs around screaming in pain.
  • Three still shots of the evil robot capturing more professors are cut. One shot included a woman pig taking a bath.
  • A scene where Guido and Speedy douse out the oven with fire extinguishers mistaking it for a fire cuts where Polly's head enlarges and screams at them as a result.
  • A scene where Guru Lou is partying cuts where he goes too far on sake.
  • A shot of Polly scratching Guru Lou after thinking she saved his life was cut.
  • A scene where Japanese words scroll by the screen before Guido topples over with the Speedy cut-outs was cut.
  • A shot where Guru Lou puts a gun to his head after the Pizza Cats leave him was cut.

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