Big Al Dente
Big Al Dente
KNT character Inuyama Wanko-no-Kami (犬山ワンコー守?)
Voice actor A.J. Henderson
Seiyuu (KNT) Shioya Kouzou

Big Al Dente: A dog, a chief of the Palace Guard. He is also the boss of the Samurai Pizza Cats and assigns their missions. His name is a reference to the al dente pasta cooking method.

If the series continued, Wanko would get a visit from a retired royal advisor. The retired royal advisor would yell at him for not listening to him a long time ago. He told Wanko not to trust Prime Minster, not to let Usa Hime take over because of her immaturity, and so on. The retired royal advisor would warn him about evil threats that would come to Earth. That evil threat would be in season 5 - 7. He would also help Mietoru sneak his son out of the palace to battle evil. He would also find out about Okara's secret heritage and he would help protect her secret. He would tell Okara that she would have to take over the throne if anything would happen to Usa Hime and her family. However, it never happened since the show only ran for one season and was cancelled soon after.


The Samurai Pizza Cats: He's their boss. Sometimes he gets irrated of their antics, but the Pizza Cats manage to pull through at the end. He one time sent them to the suburbans because of their incompetence. Later, the Pizza Cats return he and the Rescue Team admitted that they were wrong about them and they won't interfere again. Al cried when he thought Speedy died in the comet, but Speedy survived.

The Rescue Team: He's their boss.

Francine: He's her boss.

Princess Vi: He tries to keep her out of trouble and tries to get her to take her role as princess seriously, but the princess wouldn't listen.

The Big Cheese: They work together at the council, but Al knows the Big Cheese is evil and he is unable to expose him.

Emperor Fred:

Bad Bird: Al sees him as a bad guy until at the end where Bad Bird helps Speedy save the world from the comet.

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