Bad Bird Uncaged (Part 2)
Episode Number 37
Original Airdate 23 October 1990
Previous episode Bad Bird Uncaged (Part 1)
Next Episode A Mission in Manhattan
KNT episode Taose Karamaru! Namida, namida no daifukkatsu
KNT episode number 38

No! So he travels to Guru Lou for help.


In this episode, Bad Bird single handedly defeated the Rescue Team.

In the KNT version, the Pizza Cats believe that Speedy is dead.

First appearance of the Great Warrior.

The Big Cheese crossdresses

Jerry Atric crossdresses

The Big Cheese and Jerry Atric wear cheerleader outfits.

Big Cheese sings the Andrews Sisters classic "Don't Sit Under the Spple Tree".

Scene CutsEdit

  • At the beginning, a scene where a sign is shown followed by Guido, Polly, and Francine at a wake room mourning over Speedy along with his picture was cut.
  • A scene where it shows that Speedy survived Bad Bird's deadly attack by hiding and camouflaging himself by a tree was cut, followed by where Speedy fell from the tree after Bad Bird left.
  • A scene involving Speedy sleeping with a bubble from his nose and where Guru Lou creeps up to him to pop the bubble waking him up was cut.
  • The party scene Big Cheese throws was extended for the English dub.
  • Two still shots of the town being attack by Bad Bird was cut.
  • A shot of Speedy standing on a glowing pedestal cuts where the insignias are shown.
  • A scene where Speedy gets blown away by the Supreme Catatonic fighter cuts where Speedy hits his sword to his chest.  As the fighter talks to Speedy, a scene cuts where his sword is stuck right on his chest.
  • A shot of Bad Bird firing at the Rescue Team with a sniper was cut.
  • A shot of Bad Bird about to be attack by the Rescue Team's ultimate attack was cut.
  • A scene of Bad Bird about to finish off the Rescue Team before the Pizza Cats show up, followed by two more of him holding his bazooka was cut.
  • A scene where Bad Bird gets attacked by the Pizza Cats was shortened by cutting out where he is sent flying from the cats' finisher moves.

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