All You Need is Love
Episode Number 30
Original Airdate Not aired
Previous episode No Talent Guido
Next Episode Polly's Magical Flute
KNT episode Tsuraize Karamaru! Ninja no koi
KNT episode number 31

"All You Need Is Love" is the 30th episode of the Samurai Pizza Cats series.


The Big Cheese tried to take over by making Princess Vi fall in love with him, but accidentally gets Al Dente. Meanwhile, Bad Bird meets his long-lost love, Carla.


Carla: Birdie after all these years it's you.

Bad Bird: Carla you look great!

Carla as a child: Birdie Bad Bird, I want you to know I'm gonna love you just as long as I live. (giggle)


  • First appearance of Carla.
  • This is the second attempt when Princess Vi tried to marry Bad Bird, but failed.
  • The Big Cheese wears makeup in this episode.
  • Al Dente licks Big Cheese, and apparent reason why this episode was never aired in America.
  • First appearance of Bad Bird and Carla as kids.
  • Bad Bird reveals to have black hair.
  • In the Japanese version, (KNT version) it's really episode #31.
  • This episode was dubbed in English but not shown in America because of censorship.  The episode is available on DVD in English format.
  • The episode title is based off of a single by the Beatles.

Scene CutsEdit

  • Shot with insignias of the angel (which cut Bad Bird's introduction) and a muscular robot and before Big Al Dente reverts back from the love spell was cut.
  • A scene where the muscular robot falls into the water after the body goes skeletal cuts where the waters shoots from an explosion and bone fragments scatter.
  • The ending cuts where the Pizza Cats and the Supreme Catatonic robot stand by the bridge celebrating their victory and Carla's sad reflection on the water with her tear falling followed by a shining star at the very end.

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