A Mission in Manhattan
Episode Number 38
Original Airdate Not aired
Previous episode Bad Bird Uncaged (Part 2)
Next Episode Unidentified Flying Oddballs
KNT episode Haroo! Yattarou kaigai he tobu
KNT episode number 39

The Pizza Cats travel to the Big Apple to meet the New York Pizza Cats. The Big Cheese also goes to New York for a crime conference. They all run into each other unexpectedly and comotion ensues.


This episode got banned in the USA due to use of guns.

Scene CutsEdit

  • A scene where Momma Mutt's place is shown to be empty after the Pizza Cats leave for New York was cut.
  • A shot of the geisha robot introduced erases the insignias.
  • A shot of Bad Bird ordering the Ninja Crows to attack the New York Pizza Cats was cut.
  • A scene where the Sundance Kid shoots at Bad Bird's robot before Speedy attacks with his sword was cut.
  • A scene where Sundance Kid performs his ultimate gun attack in order to help Speedy defeat the robot with his Ginzu attack was cut.

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