A Little Bit 'O Luck
Episode Number 44
Original Airdate Not aired
Previous episode Gone with the Ginzu
Next Episode Samurai Savings Time
KNT episode Gakuh! Mijime na Koon-nokami
KNT episode number 45

The Big Cheese orders his henchmen to get jobs. Later, Jerry and Bad Bird build two robots, each that makes and loses money. Speedy gets the one that makes, and the Big Cheese gets the other which loses money. The Big Cheese demands retribution to get the other robot as promised, but instead, he gets the same robot back and loses more money. The Big Cheese became poor.


  • The Big Cheese and the Ninja Crows cross dress in this episode
  • In the US, its a banned episode.

Scene CutsEdit

  • A scene at the beginning cuts where closes-up stickers and a piggy bank with written Japanese words are shown in the Big Cheese's room.
  • A shot of Big Cheese seeing his yen from the piggy bank is cut.
  • A shot of Junior reciting with scrolling Japanese words as he and Momma Mutt see the Pizza Cats was cut.
  • A shot of the Pizza Cats falling shown far away in the mountains was cut.
  • Scenes showing insignias on the robots, boxes from the Ninja Crows, the town, and a sign at the game show was either cut or erased.
  • A scene where Speedy gets his winning number cuts where a Japanese sign is shown. Another showing Speedy with a lot of gold cuts where golden insignias appear.